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PUPA Srl Taranto -Gestione Cine Teatro ARISTON - DANIELA








The history  

The cinema was founded in 1953 by the will of Alessandro Albano, at the time the owner of a small bookstore downtown - who decided to build an outdoor cinema in the area located between the three local streets named Via Abruzzo, Via Toscana and Via Emilia, a land of his property. The project originally expected to be a cinema with more than six hundred seats, and his project engineer was Nicola Capriulo. In 1958 a first design is approved for the Arena Albano, at the time with half of the planned seats.In the same year Alessandro decides to cover the arena with a ceiling to get a new indoor cinema, but unsuccessfully...

The arena keeps therefore opened up to 1965 when he dies and the company is taken over by his sons Domenico and Oscar. It was this last who joined a partnership with Cataldo Pulpo in 1970 and the two appointed a new project engineer - Francesco Lorusso - to design a new cover for the cinema, with an expected wider capacity of more than five hundred seats and without any gallery.

In 1973 the new cinema called Ariston is completed under the management of Cataldo Pulpo and in 1979 he becomes the final owner. At the time of the Pulpo's the cinema is of a first viewing .....and throughout the time up to the year 2004 when Cataldo's two sons Gianni and Enzo become the present owner keeping the same company mission. (Source: Valentina Ieva, ‎Francesco Maggiore "Territori del cinema: Stanze, luoghi, paesaggi. Un sistema per la Puglia" Ed. Gangemi, 2013)

Bud Spencer was guest at the Ariston during the show "They kept calling him Trinity"

In 1985  Cataldo Pulpo opened the Cinema again after a closing time 

"The Last Chance" was the first movie under the Pulpo's management in 1973

Cataldo Pulpo

     From the article "A piece of our tradition is gone with him"

     Special, special and special. If you repeat this word more and more times you wouldn’t get any real dimension of this man, Cataldo Pulpo.

     We have once more realized his special character and originality yesterday afternoon, when sides of a crowd from all over the town – the local organizations or the people living downtown, and his beloved brothers -  have given him the last greeting. The ceremony for the funeral of this genial manager among a river of people come to the church of San Domenico has been the last grateful homage to this good and benevolent man. «What a lot of people you helped! » you can hear people whispering tightly among the seats of the church dedicated to Saint Domenico - the mother place of the Holy Week ceremonies during Easter time – which suddenly seems too narrow and small to host this river of crowd and friends……. «You are good and help, then forget about that!» – was his motto, little pills of humanity in a world that seems to forget the word peace… One order for himself and his beloved family – his wife Lena, his son Enzo and his daughter Lalla,  the daughter-in-law Carmela, the son-in-law Gianni and his grandchildren : a very close family.

     He has been a life-model, getting what he spread out: love.

    Dino Pulpo was born in Taranto in 1931, in the old town, in a famous little square called Castello, the reason why maybe he called Al Castellino his first little restaurant, founded in 1959.  

   Who did not eat a pizza there …… Who among us has not been hosted there ? or felt beloved as at home, even for only an evening or an hour ? Dino was an intelligent man and an enlightened manager; after the success of the restaurant he found different movie theaters, the Ariston, the Daniela – and the Satyrion club, one of the nicest along the seaside out.

    «Such a good man – people whispered during the ceremony – would never die, to continue being ax example to everybody».  Up to the tears on the faces and the notes of the funeral march of the local Easter tradition ……the last “nazzicata” (the name of the typical stride during procession) for Dino …

Photo: Cataldo Pulpo’s name is forever tied to his beloved Holy Week and local Easter traditions.


     The building

The structure is very simply inside: at the entrance there is the central hall, with a bar on the right and the ticket office on the left, and two side doors to the main room. In 1990's the building has been restored, with a larger capacity up to four hundred seats, a wider stage and different fitting rooms. This theatre host sometimes several amateur companies.